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Blog Update

March 2024
I'm happy to report that for Xplore Britain cycling, 2024 is off to a great start.  We've booked several tours between mid-May and mid-June, including welcoming back some former clients. We also have several new clients embarking on their first UK self-guided cycle tours. Our most popular tours continue to be those along the east coast of England and Scotland. It's not too late to book a tour for the summer or early autumn.  Just get in touch with Anne or I to get the planning started.
October 2023
It's been a good year for Xplore Britain Cycling.  We did a number of tours, welcoming several Canadian and American clients. Anne and I also put together a bespoke tour for a local client who successfully cycled solo from greater Manchester to Edinburgh in some (at times) challenging weather conditions in our wet month of July. Another former client returned for a week in July and Anne and her husband returned to add another 5 weeks of cycling to their UK experience.
We are already receiving requests for 2024.  As Xplore Britain is a small company some dates have already been filled so if you are thinking of booking a tour please be in touch and the more flexible you are on your dates, the more likely we will be able to book a tour for you. Date priority will be given to group sizes of four to six participants.

February 2023

Tour requests have been coming in steady now for 2023 and we are looking forward to working with our clients to book their fantastic cycling adventures. Our most popular tours continue to be up the east coast of the UK. We have three popular routes with the southernmost one beginning in the beautiful city of York and travelling up the coast to the amazing cathedral city of Durham. Our mid (and most popular routes) are the Coast and Castles leaving from Newcastle-upon-Tyne and finishing in either Berwick-upon-Tweed or in Edinburgh. The last section of the east coast route begins in Edinburgh and finishes in Aberdeen. It is possible to link two or all three tours together for an epic adventure.  We continue to specialise in working individually with our clients to adjust the itineraries to suit their schedules and cycling desires. Contact Anne or I for further information. Tours in June are booking up, but we currently have plenty of availability the rest of the year.



November, 2022


It has been a relief to see somewhat of a return to normal travel after two fairly quiet summers. Our American and Canadian clients enjoyed some great tours in 2022. We also were happy to host Bike For Peace Norway on their tour through West Yorkshire and Lancashire in late August. As we look forward to 2023 our focus will be on working with our clients on their individual tours, including providing navigation to make finding their way worry free. We can use our current tour agendas as a starting point or come up with a fully customized plan. Just contact Anne or I to get the planning started. 




March, 2022


We are excited to see that the world is beginning to open back up and as a result I am looking forward to welcoming international cyclists back to the UK.  Several trips have already been booked for new and returning clients.  


There is still time to book a cycle tour for 2022 but accommodations are filling up so reach out to us soon for the best selection of potential tours.  Anne and I will be happy to work with you to put together a bespoke tour perfectly suited to your needs and desires. 

December 2021
It's been another challenging year of varying levels of restrictions but I was able to carry on with several tours over the summer and early Autumn.  Many thanks to new and returning clients (including some overseas guests) who continue to support businesses like mine who have struggled through the past two years.
My volunteer assistant Anne was able to make a trip over from Canada with her husband Dave in mid-September where they cycle-toured around the East Midlands area for over 3 weeks, thereby increasing once again her cycling coverage (and knowledge) of the UK, along with experience working through the Covid testing requirements.
As a result of losing the opportunity to provide regular tours I've expanded my personal employment opportunities by becoming a certified fly-fishing guide.  Along with my enjoyment of walking (and knowledge of the best walks in my area) I have now decided to focus my cycling business on providing a full level bespoke tour planning service whereby Anne and I will work with our clients to plan not only the cycling portion of the tour (providing bicycles, booking accommodations, moving luggage, etc) but to also offer advice to include days off of cycling such as to take a walk, have a rest day or possibly even a day of fly fishing (or another activity).
I will continue to focus on tours in Northern England and Scotland where I can provide the most efficient (and often hands on) service.
If you are thinking of doing a self-guided cycle tour in the UK in 2022 now is the time to start making enquiries and beginning the planning process.  Smaller hotels and B&B accommodations have also struggled to get through the pandemic and many have had to close as a result, putting more pressure on the ones who continue to operate.  Several have also opted to only provide multiple nights accommodation due to enhanced cleaning (and sometimes non occupancy) requirements between guests.
Over the winter months there will be plenty of time to work together to plan a tour for 2022.  We understand the reluctance due to the uncertainty of potential travel restrictions so for our 2022 clients we will reserve accommodations with free cancellations. It's going to be another challenging year ahead with the continuing emergence of Covid variants but we can assure you that once you are out on your cycle tour through the quiet countryside your reminders of the ongoing pandemic will be lessened greatly.
Stay safe and enjoy the holiday season.

Spring 2021


The vaccines are being administered around the world as quickly as possible, I’ve recently had mine and looking forward to seeing cyclists touring again soon. It may be some time before international travel reaches the pre-pandemic levels, so it looks like another year of staycations. Wouldn’t a self-guided cycle tour in the UK be a great plan for this year? Come and see Northern England or Scotland (my specialty areas). If you haven't toured in this area before I highly recommend one of the Coast and Castles routes, or a tour in the southern Scotland area


I'll provide the bikes and transport them, organize the accommodations and transfer your luggage each day. The routes posted on the website are just a starting point for planning a bespoke tour. If there is a location you'd like to visit, or add additional nights to have a better look around, cycle at a more leisurely or a faster pace, or try out a different activity like guided fly-fishing or countryside walks, we’ll work with you to plan an agenda that fits you perfectly. For our international clients Anne and I will be happy to discuss potential bookings for later in the season or even into 2022 and when/if restrictions ease we will be able to quickly move through the final booking process and get you over to see the fantastic cycling opportunities here in the UK. Richard


December 2020


Now that the vaccines are being administered around the world there is finally some optimism that we will be able to welcome back our overseas friends. I am very much looking forward to planning our unique bespoke cycling trips in late 2021 and beyond. I do anticipate that damage has been done to the hospitality side of our industry, so by starting to plan your trip early (while we have the time) would give me a better chance to put together a great itinerary.


Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a healthy 2021!



Xplore Britain Blog Update November 2020

To say that 2020 has been a challenging year would be an understatement.  With very few tourists, businesses like mine have struggled to stay afloat.  But as I look forward to better times ahead, I remind myself that the tours that I offer are very conducive to the times we will likely be living through well into 2021.  Social distancing, avoiding crowds, limiting your contacts, spending time outside are the hallmarks of self-guided cycle touring.  2021 is the year to have an active outdoor vacation and we have plenty of time now during the off-season to customize a tour specific to your needs and desires.  Have a look at our tour agendas which are a great starting point, but only the starting point.  Anne and I enjoy helping our clients and are excited to offer our insight and advice.  Just reach out to us and let’s get the planning started.



Special cycling trips that comply with government COVID 19 requirements

As the UK begins to open up for limited travel, Xplore Britain will be happy to help plan a staycation in the UK this summer.  We have access to some self-catering accommodations in a few locations in the UK from which a number of very nice circular day bike rides are possible.  We can adapt to your needs, the number of people in your group as well as their abilities.  We also can include quality hybrid touring bikes, maps, and route descriptions.  For more information, please send us an email. 


THERE ARE SOME SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS due to the threat of cancellation because of the Coronavirus worldwide outbreak.

NO NEW bookings will be confirmed or deposits taken before April 1st (though I am happy to discuss later bookings).  I am being cautious on when it is safe to assume that all services I use (accommodations, taxis and rail transfer) can be provided without a cancellation at a later date.

You MUST check with your airline regularly and that you have a trip cancellation insurance policy OR fully accept that deposit and final payments already made are non-refundable. Your trip insurance should cover you if you request a change to your dates after confirmation (some airlines have already started cancelling or bumping to a different date after booking) or cancel due to any circumstances. When I start reserving rooms and booking taxis and luggage transfer for your tour I will have a contract with them to provide the service and for you.

Review our Terms & Conditions page.

2019 was another great cycling year in the UK.  We are happy that our clients' tours went well and would like to thank them for their great feedback.   And it's not too early to contact us about a 2020 tour.  We are working on updating our tours and adding a new tour across the Trans Pennine Trail.  Please remember that although we present many self-guided tour options here on the website, we specialize in bespoke tours planned specifically for you and your cycling friends.  Let us work with you to plan a wonderful, active holiday for 2020.
Posted September 17th, 2019
Thankyou for a great holiday! We spent a week cycling the Cotswolds and Severn Valley through ' Xplore Britain' and would highly recommend this trip. The route planned by Richard Morris took us through beautiful countryside, and the hotels arranged for our stay were excellent. We were very well taken care of throughout the trip by Daniel Todorov who supplied top quality bikes and equipment. This ensured a smooth ride and helped us up some of the steeper hills. Highlights of the holiday included Tewkesbury Abbey - see the lovely modern stain glass windows by Tom Denny and go up to the roof for an amazing view. 
We really enjoyed our holiday with Xplore Britain and hope to do another cycling trip in the future. 
Ruth and Dave, England and Jenny and Martha, California


Posted July 14th, 2019

Hi Richard, 
We are back in the states. We had a phenomenal time on our Great Gen trip. Thanks for helping us plan it. 
The riding was so variable, we feel like we got to see everything the Great Glen has to offer. We enjoyed watching boats go through the locks along the Caledonian canal, and also loved riding through the pastoral farmlands and forested areas. We especially enjoyed riding in the mountains between Fort Augustus and Inverness. The only day that I worried we might have bit off more than we could chew, was the second day, when we took the high routes from Fort Augustus to Invermorriston, and from Invermorriston to Drumnadrochit. As you warned us, the terrain was quite steep and I ended up having to walk my bike a bit. We didn't get to Drumnadrochit until almost 8pm. But afterwards, Kevin and I both agreed that was our favorite day of the trip. We had amazing weather that day, with crystal clear blue skies. When when we got to the high points we could see for miles. The sustained ten miles of downhill into Drumnadrochit was a really fun way to end a beautiful and challenging day. Every day of the ride offered something different, and we enjoyed all of it. 
The bikes were good quality, and the folks there were really helpful and friendly. They put our own pedals on for us so that we could  use our bike shoes, and that worked great. The only thing I might do differently next time would be to bring my own seat. I forgot that standard seats on mountain bikes are not that comfortable, and by the last day our butts were hurting. But that's to be expected on a bike trip. The accommodations you arranged for us were all wonderful, and there were no problems with our luggage transfers. We especially enjoyed staying with Shirley and Stuart in Drum. We called them to tell them we would be late, and as soon as we rode up, Shirley popped out  to help us get settled and directed us to where we could get some food. Kevin and I were just lamenting this morning that we are going to miss having the B&B breakfasts every day. 
The trip allowed us to see the attractions in the towns, but also to get out of the more congested areas and away from the busy roads. The great glen way is so beautiful, we saw a handful of other hikers and bikers, but for the most part we were surprised that we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. 
We had so much fun, we are already thinking about when we can do another trip. Thanks again for planning the logistics, everything went perfectly!
Rachel and Kevin 
Posted April 28th, 2019
There is still time to book a cycle tour this summer.  For my fellow Brits, there is no need to leave the country to experience fabulous cycling.  Why not check out an area that you haven't cycled yet, particularly here in the north where the climate is comfortable and the crowds are less, even in the summer.   There are great tours in the countryside and along the coasts. Check out the Coast and Castles, or the Lochs and Glens routes.  Or challenge yourself with a cross-country (coast to coast or sea to sea) route. I'll take care of booking your accommodations, moving your luggage and providing you with bicycles in top notch condition.  And as always I can tailor the tours to suit you.
Posted April 2nd, 2019

Bookings for Spring and Summer 2019 are steadily coming in.  Some tours at certain times of the year are even selling out.  So if you're thinking of booking a tour, don't hesitate to contact us.  Remember we specialize in customizing our tours to suit your needs and desires, including adjusting starting dates, distances covered, and adding extra night stays along the way (which we highly recommend!).

Posted December 1, 2018

The end of a very good cycling season was helped by the driest weather I have ever known here in the UK, hopefully this will continue. 

  • It's not too early to start thinking about touring in 2019, bookings have already been coming in.
  • I'm happy to report that changes are happening at XploreBritain including several updates to the website.

  Seasonal Greetings from Richard (company owner).

Dear Richard,
I’ve been remiss in formally thanking you for one of the most wonderful holidays my family has ever experienced. I managed to post good reviews of all the places we stayed during our 7 day cycling trip this past May-June (2018) in the Borderlands, but failed to thank the very person responsible for FINDING those places and setting up the whole trip!! 
From day one we had the very best experience thanks to your efforts. The details of the itinerary and the maps you provided us were very helpful, and made for a nearly seamless journey through some of the most lovely country I’ve ever seen. Our bikes performed perfectly, and as I already mentioned, the B&B accommodations you secured for us were terrific. Every connection was made; our luggage securely transferred; our appetites sated by the lovely hosts along our way.
I would heartily recommend XploreBritain to anyone interested in carefully planned, expertly tailored cycling journeys in your part of the world. Thanks so very much!!
Lora, Michael and Lily.

May 2018: We would like to let you know how fantastic and thoroughly satisfied we were with this trip.  The routes were fantastic, the accommodations were varied and suitable to our desires, the weather was AMAZING (which of course impacted the entire trip in a positive way), the bikes were perfect for the conditions, and your attention to detail and genuine care for our well being was outstanding.  It was a great balance of good daily distances together with timely 2 night stays. You made us feel very important and valued customers/friends.  

Mitch and Deanne (Canada)

Again, we can't thank you enough for such a memorable and amazing trip! Your service and attention to details were outstanding. The routing was well paced and your lodging choices were spot-on! And, as far as timing was concerned, I initiated the request to you to pick the best time to tour, and it was your advise to select from the 2nd week of May to the 2nd week of June. Thanks! Again, spot-on! Mindy and Dave Ferrell Montana USA. 

LED Lights Help Improve Safety on the Road for Cyclists

Cycling is a fantastic way to exercise, share time with the family or run errands in a sustainable manner. However, staying safe while riding is an important concern because collisions and crashes do happen. This can negatively impact riders who, like pedestrians, are vulnerable while on the road.

One of the best ways to improve bike safety is to make use of LED technology. It has many applications that can help improve cyclist and bicycle visibility. Being seen by drivers and pedestrians while cycling can help to reduce accidents. Wearing LED clothing makes riders visible in low-light conditions such as dawn or dusk. Other ways LED can be used include fitting bicycles with front and rear LED lights. Also, street lights which are fitted with LEDs provide better illumination.  Cyclists can also attach a helmet light to see better in the dark. Read how LEDs enhance safety for everyone on the road from cyclists and pedestrians to motorbike riders and motor vehicle drivers. 

These are comments from recent clients.

Hi Richard, I just want to thank you for lending me a bike for the Ride the Night Charity Bike Ride. Your bike is brilliant! It is so comfortable, I couldn't believe it. Not only did it mean I completed the full 100kms, I actually enjoyed it! Here's a photo of me and my daughter completing the ride. Thank you so much for supporting this great cause. Our team raised nearly £2500!

Rachel Bedingfield


Richard we were in Pitlochry overnight after two nights in Fort Augustus. If you had not recommend these places, we would not have had such a delightful and interesting experience during our final days in Scotland.

Thank you for all your help and suggestions. They were all greatly appreciated and made for a great trip to Great Britain.

Sent from my iPhone

Nathaniel And Dave 



Dear Richard

Just thought I should write and thank you for the lovely holiday we had 
cycling coast to coast. It was an experience that both Kay and I really 
enjoyed, we found it an excellent break and a super way to visit the 
countryside we passed through. We were both delighted with the interesting 
places you found for us to stay and they were all lovely. We will be 
recommending your services to our friends as it really made life easy for us 
and all the more enjoyable. Please make sure you keep booking the same weather 
that we had it was fine all week and made the whole trip that much easier.
Once again thank you and please pass on our thanks to the accommodations that 
you used for our visit. I should also mention that the company did a 
great job with the luggage transfers.

Steve and Kay, Nottingham, UK.

[open quote]

Thank you so much for our bike trip through The Great Glen in Scotland!  It was even better than we expected.  
We knew it would be great but it turned out to be something me and my wife will never forget.  
I have recommended you to many of my friends and hopefully at least one of them will be planning at trip with you next summer.  
Thanks again!
Christopher & Devon from Clarksville, Tennessee USA.


[close quote]
Chris & Devon
Great Glen tour